Monday, February 15, 2010

Home sweet home

I am back from my little overseas trip! Although it was only 2 short weeks, I am very happy to be back in Australia, it is true what they say- there is no place like home. I say this now, but I love to travel and have the ability to experience cultures that are so different from your own, travelling to other countries really is an eye opening experience.

My first stop was Singapore- and what a lovely city it is! Singapore is a beautiful place, it is very green with trees lining main roads and massive parks, also it is very clean with fantastic shopping- although is slightly more expensive than cities such as Hong Kong.

Singapore like most large Asian cities is very faced paced and is always go go go. I loved the food in Singapore, it has a very Malay influence. I got the impression that Singaporians love seafood, all of the travel book tell you that one of the  signature dishes is the chilli mud crab- so noting this I made a bee line to a popular seafood restaurant by the name of Jumbo.

The food at Jumbo was y-u-m-m-y and the chilli crab was HOT!!! It is a very soupy dish and is quite tricky to eat, however they do give you have a very attractive and stylish plastic bib and a multitude of napkins and wet wipes- lucky we did not know anyone because it was a messy experience.

                                                      Chilli Crab

Another dish that is very popular is the black pepper crab, like the chilli crab dish it packs a punch, but is not cooked or served in a heavy sauce. The crab is slightly salty in comparison to the other dishes, but I put this down to the fact that it is absolutely covered in black pepper. I thought both dishes were amazing! If you ever go to Singapore and you are a seafood lover then these dishes are a must- although be warned, each crab dish was rather big, about 1kg of crab, so definitely eat on an empty stomach!

                                         Black Pepper Crab

Another dish that is a must in Singapore is crispy skin duck. The duck in Singapore is delicious and is everywhere! I decided to try a slight variation on the normal dish and tried crispy skin duck with slices of mango- the mango was the perfect accompaniment to the duck, it is great especially if you find the taste of duck to be very rich.

                      Crispy skin duck with mango slices

 Something I noticed when venturing around the city of Singapore was how reasonably priced the noodle dishes were.  For around $6 Australian I had a huge bowl of beef noodle soup, with a side of ginger and endless cups of green tea.  That is another thing about Asia the tea with dinner- it is fantastic!!

Well that is just a snippet of my dining experience in the beautiful Singapore, there is still more to come, but tell me dear reader what is a delicious dish you have discovered during your travels at home or abroad?

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